Freedom For Course

Freedom For Course

Is your struggle with porn becoming unmanageable? Does is feel like an addiction? Is it affecting your life, your relationships, your sense of purpose?

Freedom For is porn recovery that's research-based, soul-mending, and shame-free. It has helped people just like you overcome their struggle with pornography and find restoration, healing, and hope in the process.

Pat Ward, a licensed counselor, has helped many clients recover from porn addiction with his program. He uses cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and education to address underlying issues and build healthy relationships.

Freedom For Course
  • The Freedom For Online Course: Intro


    -Practical ways to break away from a struggle that has become unmanageable.
    -A roadmap to long-lasting freedom that has helped many others just like you.
    -Deep insight into your struggle and what it will take to turn unhealthy patterns with healthy ones.

  • How to Get The Most Out of This Course

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    This course is only effective if you engage beyond simply viewing the content. What will you add to this course besides simply watching the videos?

    -Take notes
    -Print the PDF and fill...

  • Day One

    DAY ONE: Questions for reflection
    **IMPORTANT: Download the FREE Workbook here: **

    What has this struggle cost you in the past?

    How have you tried to overcome it in the past

    What is this struggle costing you now?

    What will this struggle cost you in the future i...

  • Get Away- Part 1

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    Recap: This step is set up to break three cycles that lead to porn becoming an issue in most peoples’ lives:

    -The Shame Cycle: Feeling bad about yourself for a struggle you have leads to disconnec...

  • Get Away- Part 2

    **IMPORTANT: Download the FREE Workbook here: **

    Recap: the first practical steps to Getting Away involve:

    -The Purge – Get rid of it. All of it. Do it quickly while you are highly motivated for change.
    -Technological Boundaries – Use this link (...

  • Get Smart- Part 1


    NOTE: Work on this module is CRITICAL. Many people make it through the Get Away section only to return to their struggle once motivation wanes. The detailed work of this section get you closer to freedom like none other. This is the insight that all the other steps will build ...

  • Get Smart- Part 2- Major Wounds

    This section may be very difficult for some participants. It’s time to ask some honest questions.

    Have you suffered any wounds in any of the following areas?

    -Abuse – physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal.
    -Addiction in your past
    -Addiction in your family
    -The absence or loss of a parent.

  • Get Smart - Part 3 - Smart and Healthy

    To recap, positive ways to get smart include:

    -Avoiding Triggers – Once you have identified your common triggers and troubling patterns from the last season, it’s important to do all you can to either avoid or limit the impact of them going forward.
    -Implementing healthy habits
    -Declaring a seas...

  • Get Help - Part 1

    This lesson is built on the principle of Pre-Accountabilty.

    Pre-Accountability is a relational feature that builds on (a) wisdom gained from knowing our triggers and unhealthy patterns and (b) a willingness to ask for help before those triggers become behaviors.

    What has accountability for you ...

  • Get Help - Part 2

    As a recap, you should enter into a Pre-Accountable relationship with someone…

    -You are in a simple relationship with
    -You trust and see yourself being completely honest with
    -Who is willing to take on this role in your life during this season.

    When asking someone to fill this role in your life...

  • Get Help - Part 3 - Repair and Restore

    Just to recap, the first steps of repairing and restoring relationships that have been impacted by this struggle or the emotional patterns that are associated with it are:

    -Talk about your plan for recovery
    -Give permission to revisit
    -Receive what they offer you

    What relationships have...

  • Get Healthy

    The most important step for long-term change involves building a healthy lifestyle around your new freedom. To recap, the best ways to do this involve:

    -Incorporating the insights from the self-care worksheet into everyday living.
    -Setting goals further out into the future to give you healthy ta...

  • The End and the Beginning

    Congratulations on making it to the end of the course!

    You have done some tremendous work that will most likely shape your future and your relationships from this point forward.

    The most important commitment you can make at this point is how you get back on track if you get knocked off.